Then I heard the Voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said,"Here am I. Send me!" Isaiah 6:8

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So it has been a little less than a year since my last post, and truly I have not an excuse to share. I am sure that some of you have been checking this site daily in anticipation of the next installment, and alas, here it is! March was a good month for us, much warm weather and time to play outside. It was so warm that Jude did not find it necessary to include pants in his daily dressing ritual!

As I love to go to parades, and our city LOVES a good party, we attempted the St. Patty's Day parade. Now, I must mention that I have gone to this parade every year that we have lived here. Some years include snow (which I dubbed as just some ash from the local backyard's grill floating, until it was undeniably a full on snow), some years fair weather of wind and a gentle drizzle, some years many kids, some with few, but we have always gone. This year I was especially excited as all of the family was in include Jamie, Peter, Oliver, and Lucy! We also brought Elise's good friend Batija with us for this most anticipated event. What a thrill...until we arrived at an overcrowded lot and saw the masses of people with beer coolers in tow. (Mental note: St. Patricks on a Saturday brings a slightly larger, more inebriated crowd than weekday parades!)
So with eyes bulging at this sight, we made an important parenting decision to leave and go to the Magic House!!! The kiddos had earned free passes to this ultimate children's museum, and it was time to cash in! Here, Josiah, Peter, Batija and Elise stop to smile in the 3 story bean stock rope ladder.

All were amused in the new construction zone, Oliver takes his turn at the gravel scoop.

Elise and Batija are on site and ready for action!

Hard Hat: Check!

Michael and Lucy lounge together, thinking deep thoughts of the Parousia.

Titus and Elise were building a red foam wall together.

Next scene: The water station. This place is genius! Jude, Titus and Oliver played here for quite a while.

So fast my phone camera could not keep up, Oliver and Jude stocked up in the grocery store.

Speedy checkout for Titus!

Titus gives his expert advice as a veterinarian.

Jude enjoyed arranging the hamster maze, and all of the hamsters in the arena.

Elise and Batija helped out in the nursery. They loved creating adoption papers and selecting names for the babies. No diaper duty was required though!

While there, a tremendous thunderstorm crashed through the city. It was so bad that the attendants were handing out emergency flashlights in case of power outages! So, we told the kids they could do one more thing, and then as soon as the storm relented, we would need to get going home. The group choice for last event: Electricity ball, located in the house's 3rd floor turret! Josiah and Peter got the ball rolling, their hair stood a little, but there was not too much to extend.
Mine took flight as Titus and I gave it a whirl.
The effect on Elise and Batija's hair was absolutely electric!!
Josiah and Titus generated a little more electricity together.
And while waiting for the storm to conclude, each took a turn on the plastic pin form. Can you tell which child is which?? (Hint: Han Solo is not one of the images)
Above: Josiah stands tall.
Oliver is on the seam above.
Peter with a strong smile above.
Titus smash face.
And lastly, Jamie!
A few days later, we enjoyed a spring break day with our friends Aria and Luka at the zoo. Here they are petting a snake! I preferred the otters!
Josiah recently went through acolyte training. He does a fantastic job. This particular Sunday we had arrived super early, enough for me to snap a shot...
I'm not quite sure where this one is from, but isn't Lucy a sweetie?
We love playing in the forest by our house, we have enjoyed all these extra springy days!
Josiah is again playing baseball, for the same team as the last two years. This year however, the team color is blue. They are the Blue Mockingjays. He is already starting off a stride ahead of where he left off last year, it is enjoyable to watch the games now!
Lastly, I competed in my first half-marathon. Sylvia, my racing buddy kept my spirits high as we ran past each mile banner. My brother Paul showed up on bike and rode by me in support too!

Love to all, hopefully will post again soon!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Titus, the Ray... always has a smirk on his face.

Baby Jude is almost 1! This was his first Easter, he enjoyed taking all the eggs out of the basket and then putting them back in.

He is sweet, smiling at Josiah's antics.

Josiah loves getting his photo taken, or taking the pictures himself (he took the one of Jude and I).

A second of Titus. These are in front of the flowers by Concordia Maplewood.

The four little ones, getting so big!

Elise chose this dress for Easter, she wanted to match her doll!

It is soo good to have family close! We had a nice supper together, and then an egghunt!

All 6 local cousins ready for church.

Our little family.

He is Risen... He is Risen Indeed!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Continuing the catch up, here is December:

For the last four years, Elise and I have gone to the Nutcracker together, it is our gift from my grandparents. It is enjoyable to have this time together as well as to see her mimic the dancers as she glides around the house! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

Titus is opening his first gift of the year, and it happened to be a favorite, a xylophone! Thanks Mary Jo and John, we have a musical house with that one!

Elise got a pink tree with all the fancy little trimmings to put in her girly bedroom.

Oh, the places we find marshmallow! And let me tell you that it doesn't matter how long the marshmallow has been MIA, there is celebration and quick consumption when one is found!

Snap shot of the sweet baby boy with Woody's cowboy hat.

Elise loves this fur cape that she got this year with her volunteering bucks through the Seminary.

Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Baby's First Christmas...he had a ball!

Elise had a matching outfit with her doll Mandy.

After opening many gifts, the cousins take a photo together.

The campus did a little skit for the Christmas party this year. Josiah got to be the Joseph character. (He has the tan hat with green wrap on it)

Elise is teaching Jude about snow.

It was fun sharing this Christmas with Titi and Matt and baby Gideon. Good looking family!

As promised the cheerleaders received their new uniforms and poms. So cute!

At the preachers basketball game there was an intramural tug-of-war during the half time show. Needless to say, Mike was in it! Our team took home the gold, way to go boys!

Mr. Wil, a student, thrills the crowd with his dribbling skills. Titus often tries to imitate him when we go to the gym.

Jude in front of our tree before we took it down. He liked eating on the nativity characters!