Then I heard the Voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said,"Here am I. Send me!" Isaiah 6:8

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Here is the outline of our October, a little bit of everything going on.

Josiah is learning how to write ordinal compositions, or instructions to do a basic skill. So here we are learning how to make pizza according to Josiah's directions. It turned out tasty, one explicit instruction he had said, 'Add pepperoni, and then add a lot more!" Peter was in charge of spreading the sauce on the foccocia bread.

Elise managed the task of slicing the olives.

Another school project involved the characteristics of light. After learning about how light travels, how shadows are produced, and what light sources are, we spent some time conducting a shadow puppet play. Peter and Elise sit in anticipation for Josiah's skit.

Can you guess who these two puppets are by their shadow?

None other than Lucy and Charlie Brown and dog Snoopy. Our good friends have turned us on to the Peanuts cartoons and comics, and so Josiah did some of his favorite skits and comic strip reenactments. We all laughed at his production.

Outside of school we have been having some fun as well. Michael's 31st birthday was celebrated by us hosting a game night. We played cranium and a few disguised guests arrived. Below are Anna Marie Presley and her fourth husband Michael Lockwood.

Next we have "The registrar and her husband....uh- I think his name is Matt."

James Bond and his Russian beauty snuck into the night's activities.

Queen Mary and William also made a royal appearance.

One of the interesting elements of still going to college at this age is that intramural sports are still a regular part of the population's lifestyle. Jumping in the air to dodge an incoming missile, Mike, the 31 year old, is about to pummel his opponent with a rubber bouncy ball in the Saturday dodge ball tournament. Needless to say, his team took first place.

Peter is ready to go out for our daily walk. I never know who is going to accompany me, but it is always an adventure.

A personal adventure I had was excavating some ancient bricks from this old apartment that the Seminary is tearing down. I had put together a treasure hunt for the campus and decided to use these crumbled bricks as the location markers. A friend and I braved the rubble around 11 at night and had a fun time scavenging and being sneaky as security, locals and cops drove by the building. It reminded me of high school adventures to the old bridge in Manitou.:) You are smiling if you have been there.

Octoberfest was a wonderful event as always! Each year at the sem, they hold a party that is fun for the entire community. Mike enjoys a few minutes with Titus in the large baby bouncer, friend Samuel crawls over to join the fun.

Anne and I raced in the challenge course. It was so much fun!

Mary, Anne and I standing with some of our kids before the festivities.

Titus is bundled all up to keep warm on such a cool night. He also enjoyed the pretzels, as you can see in the pictures.

After many really rainy and freezing days, the sun broke free and it warmed up again. Finally the Indian Summer that we had considered lost. We spent some extra time outdoors to soak up the last rays of the year. Peter is just hanging around after school... note the brilliant red leaves. Since this picture was taken, all the leaves have transitioned, and most have fallen! It makes it hard to find lost light sabers in the backyard!

Oliver has been enjoying balance and coordination skills with keeping all the Lego's on the edge of the couch, and then he collects them and drops them in the play toys area and creates a tower.

In addition to Dodge Ball is the Intramural Football season. The kids and I love to go and watch the games being played. Observers are in for a competitor's treat. Here, the kids help Mike to do some pre-game stretching.

Michael's team took on the other undefeated team, which happens to be our good friend's (also named Michael) team. Our team came out on top this game!

This is Josiah's pumpkin that he designed. I like the teeth, it may have even been a self-portrait for him. He lost another tooth this week by falling out of a tree and them having me remove the tooth the rest of the way!

Titus Ray was a valiant knight this year. He walked around like he owned the place (he does that most places). However, his stomach was growling like a mid-evil dragon, and so he and Daddy went in the gym to enjoy the football game on the large screen and the chili cook off together.

Elise chose to be Ashoka, the female Jedi who was a padawon to Annakin in the new 'clone war' series. This girl could sure win a duo!

A proud pilot, Josiah used some of his dad's name badges and patches to complete this uniform. Doesn't he look sharp?

Josiah and Elise pose together with the pumpkin man and scarecrow. By this time Titus was inside and enjoying his second bowl of chili.

"All hail the Queen!" Again the queen arrives in her regalia, and knight Titus is there to protect her. Halloween night, 2009
Samuel, the Lion had us all over to his den.
Ten Points if you can guess who Michael is dressed up as! I still think he looks handsome!
Elise had asked me to dress up as one of Pad Mae's hand maids. I complied willingly to this request. (She also has asked to name our baby Leigha, if it is a girl. This we have openly rejected, but she believes that is what the girl's name should be.

On Halloween, the children dressed as the Star Wars cast. (Although Josiah was technically a ninja, not a Jedi.) Oliver is Yoda, Peter is Luke, and Elise is Ashoka. Titus just enjoyed the ride and the warm blanket he was covered in.

Another fun filled month for our family! And now we enter the more 'busy' months of November and December. I can't wait!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

September Slides By...

September starts with a birthday at our house, and for our only daughter to turn 5, just seemed too soon. Here are the cakes I made per her direction.

The second is the barbie silhouette. She had a purse pinata, and many friends from around the campus came to take part with us....I don't know where those photos got to...???

Off to school again!

All ready to go to a wedding, the children line up for a photo...before getting too dirty.

Outside of the church, our family gathered for a quick picture. It turned out really well, however Elise was mid-sneeze!

What a lovely bride! Miss Allison is a good family friend and favorite babysitter for the kids. Justin, you know you are blessed.

Josiah delighted in the mashed sweet potatoes served with all the toppings, and presented in a martini glass.

Josiah, Elise and Eden enjoyed playing together. Eden was the flower girl. The kids usually try to set up a play date with her whenever they come to visit Grandma.

Another typical day at school, here we are studying what makes a portrait. The assignment was to create a person with their lunch items. Turned out cute...and tasty. Josiah likes the realistic....and quantity!

I like the eyebrows on this one.

Going for the full view, Peter adds some string bean legs and spaghetti arms to his masterpiece.

Field Day! I can't believe it is already that time of year! This is the family event that kicks off the school year. It is one of my favorites as it has something fun for everyone involved. Elise loves getting her face painted.

Josiah and Michael lend a hand with the slack lining game, it is to help people learn balance.

Titus was more than satisfied with his ice pop.

My kids celebrate at the sight of a package. Thanks Mary Jo for the fun shirts.

October, here we come!

August at a glimpse...

When first hearing of our vicarage assignment, we read a lot of books about the area we would be living in. Out of all the activities and fun things to do, the children wanted to go slide down a rock water slide. Finally, on our way out of town, we took an afternoon to do so.

Here the group waits in line, watching others make the descent into the mountain ice melt pool below. I decided to play photographer for this one!

Uncle Matt came out to help us with the trek across the land to our home. Here he helps Titus to get a good view of the events to follow.

Once we arrived back home we got to live with Paul and Jamie and their family. We had to wait 15 days for our new town home to be finished, and although it was a little cramped, it was a lot of fun. Here Oliver and Titus enjoy cousin time together.

Baseball anyone? Paul is about to blast the wiffle ball across a few yards. Matt is in the street ready to field the ball. Both children and adults had a blast at this game.

Close cousins, both in age and friendship. These two boys are a joy to watch interact. Sometimes it is parallel play, other times they are fully engaged with each other. They will share whatever is on their plate (Titus takes, Oliver gives) and they watch each other and repeat the other's sounds. They are the set of twins I had always hoped for...but at the end of the day I am only in charge of of both worlds!

To help the backyard to keep from turning to mud in the fall, Paul and Michael took on a project of laying a brick paver patio. I guess they needed something to do with all their spare time! Michael would return from the Air Force Reserves, Paul from school, and they would get right to work. Of course, Peter kept them both in line.

With my two oldest visiting Grandma and Grandpa, I was able to go out and about the town. Peter would ride his bike and I would push the other two babies quickly to keep up.

We squeezed in a day at the zoo, right after a light rain and before lunch time. Grandma was in town, so together we could manage 5 little ones at this wild place!

Josiah is looking sharp for his first day of school.