Then I heard the Voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said,"Here am I. Send me!" Isaiah 6:8

Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Last Time...

The last few weeks of living in N. Carolina, we squeezed in as much activity as possible! Although we were there a full year, it was only enough to tap into the endless resources of the astounding area we had been placed in.

Here, Elise and I are enjoying our new matching dresses that Mimi made for us and the two dolls. I think we look quite fashionable. Thanks, Mimi!

Our beloved family, the Egglestons showed us the beauty of Jordan Lake, a huge natural lake that was only a half hour outside of our city! Dr. E's boat was a delight for all of us to take part in. He took the time to teach Mike a thing or two about setting it up.

Titus enjoyed his time on the soft sandy beach.

Dr. E and Josiah get ready to take her on the day's first voyage.

Getting a little bit deeper, they pause for a picture. The boat itself was pretty light weight, all they needed was a good breeze to take off.

Once more, Titus is smiley and content to be on the beach.

Our little spot on the water, just a perfect day.

When leaving any place after living there a while, is missing the great friends you have made. Josiah and Elise both treasured their friendship with Janey. Hopefully it is one that will continue on as time goes by.

I was able to make one last stop at the local outlet stores, and I got these little shoes for Titus with the money his Great Grandparents sent. Obviously, he loves them. Here is but days away from walking on his own. An accomplishment that happened the day before we moved. Maybe he was inspired by an empty house to run in?

One last day at the pool was spent with many of our friends from church. We had a pool and picnic afternoon, and it was a great day in the sun. My children, whom started the year with a fear of putting their head under the water, and clung to the walls of the pool, have obviously overcome that fear this year! The seven friends all jump into the pool together. (They did this many times in order for me to get the "perfect shot")

Josiah does an individual dive. Quite fearless.

Elise flies in behind him with no regrets!
Jordan had some impressive form with her flip dives!

Josiah's last sport of the year was baseball, and this was by far his favorite. He really played well, and had a great atmosphere of coaches and teammates. Here he poses at his last game, where he hit a home run.

Titus is just chill, watching all of the goings ons.

And in true form, I squeezed in one last trip! What started out as a day trip to the beach, evolved into meeting our friends in the Williamsburg area of Virginia. Still trying for one last 'beach day' we discovered two things:
1. There are no natural beaches in this part of Virginia
2. The un-natural ones leave a little to be desired.
Wake-boards aside, the kids did enjoy their time on this semi-industrial river. The nice thing was that the 'sand bar' extended almost to the rope, so the kids could even walk way out in the water. Below, Mike and Titus share the water with this large boat.

The delightful part of the trip, was hanging out with our friends, who had the greater idea of going to Busch Gardens! Thanks to the military, they picked up the tab, and we enjoyed a half day at the park. Even at the end of the day, when we took this picture we were all still smiling!
Josiah and Elise experienced their first grown-up rides, and they both loved it! First they did the log ride. Buddy Nate and Josiah are heading to the top of the ride.....

....then they are zooming to the bottom.....


Two soaked, but delighted customers!

Michael and Elise take their turn....she was smart and tucked behind the seat, so as not to get as wet!

Elise also enjoyed a pony ride that the others were too tall for, she did this one a few times.
Josiah and I did our first loop-the-loop roller coaster together! He insisted that I would love to do it with him. Unsure, but willing, we went. It was totally awesome! We are in the second seat, behind the guy waving. Our hair was flying back, which says a lot since Ziah's is so short!

One last photo before we left, Elise smiles for me.

Our last month of vicarage was a special one, and we are so thankful for all the people and things God provided us through the entire year. It was like no other experience. Even though we had many last events, it seems like we have endless thoughts about our time there.