Then I heard the Voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said,"Here am I. Send me!" Isaiah 6:8

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Focus on Fall

This week in school we enjoyed the anticipation of fall. Even though the calendar says that fall is upon us, the world outside our window still reflects summer. The humidity continues, along with the green coloring of the trees. So, we decided to learn about signposts of fall and the things we have to look forward to, the changes we hope will soon occur.
As a family we walked through a local national forest where they have 'talking trees' that give you a tutorial on the age process of a forest. It was quite enjoyable. We were the only ones on the path, and as dusk began to fall the stillness crept around us. Micheal said, "Just imagine this dense forest, but no paths, no food, no lights, and being all alone....and someone is looking for you that you don't want to find you." When I told him to stop creeping me out, he just remarked that these are the fun things he got to experience in college. Once again I was reminded as to why I didn't choose a military academy! All in all it was a good experience. We saw a few things that we had not seen before like a brilliantly orange mushroom.
(Well, actually I had seen a cross-stitched cloth of the like at my friend Sarah Simpson's home, but I thought the colors of yarn we just selected to coordinate with my friend's mom's 70's orange counter tops! Not an actual fungus.) So, I took a picture.

Also, we spotted a few spectacular spider webs. This particular one is not in the forest though, it is in front of our house...pretty welcoming, huh? He was just so big, I wasn't going to kill him!

Along with decorating pumpkins, we bobbed for apples. Josiah wisely used the sides of the bowl to retrieve his. Elise used her hands and mouth. I went for the stem, and when I added rules to make it hard for Michael, he outsmarted them all by suctioning his apple out of the bowl!
To be involved in our communities activities, we enjoyed the fall festival in the old downtown. The highlight was definitely our encounter with the Power Rangers!
Next week we will enjoy The Story About Ping...and eventually pictures will follow.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Twelve Dancing Princesses Pool Party

We all had a wonderful time at Elise's birthday party.

She said the best part was opening presents...that would have been my answer if I was her! She got some really fun things this year from family and friends. Each item was perfectly girly: ballet clothes, Barbie, surfer clothes, ponies, movies and money to go shopping..... what could be more fun for a four year old??

She also enjoyed playing follow the leader in the pool, even though Josiah was the only one following.

I made her little ballet slipper pinata, and the kids enjoyed beating it up.

On Sunday I took her shopping and her selections were Barbie Diamond Castle (because it sings), pink jumbo marshmallows and an electric Hello Kitty toothbrush.

I enjoy this little girl so much!

Titus enjoyed time with Daddy.

Lastly, Josiah took this of the little guy and I...he is 2 1/2 months already!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Elise!

My Sweet Elise is 4 today! This shouldn't feel like such the shock that it is, especially since we talked about 100 times yesterday about it being her last day of "3"......and that we heard her singing for about an hour after she went to bed, "I am four tomorrow, tomorrow I am four....four, four, four, four, tomorrow I am four.:) So here are a few shots of our four year old over the last few months:

On her new bike and ready to go!

For a Daddy/Daughter date, she and Michael went golfing. They both enjoyed it, but she was ready to come home after the 8th hole. (It is the hole in the picture, as well as the one in our back yard!)

Her birthday party is this weekend, so more photos to come from that! Love to all,