Then I heard the Voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said,"Here am I. Send me!" Isaiah 6:8

Thursday, August 9, 2007


It is truly home when I come back to the beautiful mountains of Colorado. I have claimed each state that I have lived in as 'home' and I have truly felt at home in those places, but there is something remarkable, different, about coming back to the state from where you grew up. A large part of this homecoming is the fresh pine smell that the dry air carries deep into my senses. The clouds look like the ones from Toy Story, and the scene around me is truly 'purple mountains majesty'.
To be a part of all that is occurring around us, we walked down the street to feed the horses by my parent's house. It was great to bring these guys some sweet apples, Josiah jumped right in the activity, as he had much practice when we lived in Dover. There were seven horses, two of which were paints, and Josiah's highlight was the colt he wanted to call 'Bronco' (very fitting for this mile high state). "Bronco" even allowed Josiah to pet him, which is less common for the skittish young.
Another special thing to do at home is to make clothes. Well, in all truth, my responsibility in this is to come up with the project, and for Mimi to execute it! This time is was matching pajama pants. All three of us girls have a lovely pair of summer pj's to match each other. How sweet!

Cousin Time

Oh, the times shared as cousins. It is one of the most valuable of relationships to share. The cousins that you have can understand your family in a way that no one else can! And it is in moments like these that those relationships and lifelong friendships develop and take form. I love all of my cousins for the times like these that we shared, and I know that my children will treasure them as well. Trickey cousins, we can't wait to have this time with you again. Enjoy our laughs.

The 10th Reunion

Well, I must say that the AAHS class reunion was a blast! I was reminded once more of all the great friends God has given me through the years. It was so exciting to see everyone, to laugh, to re-call, and to make fun of each other! To all of you that didn't come, we missed you. Hope you will make it next time. As for pictures, I onlyhave one! My camera that I had the film on zapped our computer, and lost all of the pictures along with it. I guess that is what you get for having a full MB of photos to download! Here is the one from my mom's camera. Melinda, thanks for compiling all the other pics. Love to all, Amy