Then I heard the Voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said,"Here am I. Send me!" Isaiah 6:8

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

January and February Celebrations!!!

We have many things to celebrate in January and February, and so here are some of our party times! First, a great friend of mine sent me this fun shirt dress for my birthday...thank you for keeping me stylish! That is celebration enough!

Titus loves the snow, and he has been enjoying every minute of the cold weather, and when he is inside he is wistfully looking outside. I don't typically let him suck his thumb out of bed, but this was just too cute.

Elise liked my outfit this day and so she asked to take my picture... on seeing it, I realized I don't have many pictures of this new little baby on the way!

The little boys are quickly coming on age two. There are so many things that they are learning together every day. I love having them as a pair, to see how they approach certain circumstances. Even in a task of building blocks, their personalities shine through. They are a good balance to each other, a perfect pair of cousins.

Oliver is proud of his tower.

And what is a tower worth, if you can't make it come crashing down?

Last week we had a special teacher come to our classroom every day to teach us about the Chinese New Year celebrations. Here, Miss Mary is teaching the kids the Dragon Dance...or at least our rendition of it! Praise the Lord for some warmer weather! We also flew kites that afternoon.
Elise and Peter enjoyed our lesson on using chop-sticks! I was impressed by their success in eating with them. (However we did have forks available for bailout.)

Elise had a 'show day' in which we were welcomed to watch her practice ballet. Most days the studio is closed to parents and friends so the girls will keep focused, however they allowed us to come and watch this day. She is so coordinated and loves dancing, she gets that from my mother!

Her teacher Miss Marilyn has been teaching dance for many years here, in fact a lot of the parents of the girls in Elise's class were also taught by her! She has ultimate control of her classroom, and the girls enjoy their time with her. That says a lot for a class of 40 girls all age 5 and 6!

Our good friends at the sem learned that they will be going to Texas for the first church to pastor. As they are from Montana and Pennsylvania, they have a lot to learn about the Lone Star State. They invited us to Texas Day at their home to learn a little bit of Texas trivia. It was a great time, here the kids are enjoying a Texas treat of brisket and tater-tots! (note the hook-em horns signs the kids are attempting, and their longhorn apparel.)

This school year we hosted a Valentine party, a lot of fun and love was shared.

Miss Mary tells the kids a story with felt pictures....a huge success.

The Girls get their own table:)

Who wants juice?

Titus and Oliver enjoy their cupcakes.

This is at the Sem's Valentines dance. I can't believe that I didn't get a picture of Michael and I, so here is the one I did get...of Miss Mary and I. Sorry Valentine!