Then I heard the Voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said,"Here am I. Send me!" Isaiah 6:8

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Picture Time!!

It was time. The last in studio pictures we got as a family were from Wal-mart when I had just found out that we were pregnant with Elise. How a family changes!

(No one was injured in the shootings of these pictures....even Michael was laughing at the photo guy!)

A Few Additions...

I have been waiting for the right moment to take some time and post some pictures. We have been out adventuring with our camera and collecting a few shots here and there. So, without further ado.....

Mimi and Papa came and visited with us. We took them on a little bike ride to the park. It was enjoyable, even though the bike pictured didn't make it!
They were good enough sports to ride on, we sat on this grassy knoll by the water. It was lovely until we were plagued by two rather aggressive ducks. Josiah and Papa made it their duty to protect us ladies from the intruders.

We ended our evening with a foot bath and much enjoyed cake and coffee!

The following day was Josiah's soccer game and end of the year party. Here he is with his medal!

The following weekend Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit. We went to the zoo and saw the baby elephant. Our friend Eden got to join in on the fun with us.

Living so close to the parks is great, we go to many of the events and activities that they host. Here Mike is taking Biscuit in the water of the falls. Josiah is splashing around, and Elise is getting her shoes off to play.

Dear friend Becky came for an evening of fun too! While I working she played with the children at our house and made pizza with them. Then, we all went out to a music night in the park. There were people everywhere, we ate strawberries, laughed, and couldn't resist singing a little bit...
And for those of you who did not know that I am working at a new it is! I am no longer at the Parent's Day Out. Although I adored my students, it was a little long of a drive which will only increase over time as they are doing major highway construction here. So, my new job is the Re-Sell It shop!

I get to sort through the donated items in this closet and decide what should be sold at the store for the seminary community! Take a look at how stuffed this one closet is! People are really dedicated to giving to us! This is not a lack of effort either, it was emptied to the floor on Saturday night! We are blessed with many things here.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Brutal Brushing

So tonight I had an experience that I didn't think that I would repeat when it happened the first time. I went to brush my teeth like I do on occasion and I thought the toothpaste was a little off in taste. Then as I brushed a few more vigorous strokes I realized that my mouth was a little more foam filled then the routine usually accounted for. A slow dawning occurred as I remembered this taste, and then my thoughts quickly whisked me to an evening when my curiosity outweighed reason. I was in the bathroom alone, with the instructions to brush my teeth and I wondered...what if I cleaned them with soap instead? I remember pumping the pearly white soap onto my brush and thinking it would probably do just as good a job....lifting the moistened gooey bristles to my mouth and plunging into my experiment! UGGGHHH, YACK! How can I get this taste out?? Water...lots of water, swish and spit....more water quick!! It was awful, a taste you would never forget.
So, tonight when I tasted it on my brush, it didn't take long to figure out what was going on. (Unfortunately, a moment's taste is enough to kill millions of innocent taste buds.) The only question in my mind is who did it? I know it was not myself (although once when Michael and I were first married I mistook his acne cream for my travel toothpaste;) so it must have been one of my children. Either way, I can't be angered, for it was probably curiosity that led them to do it and genius that had them seek out my toothbrush over their own!

Just out of curiosity, has anyone else tried this?